Prepare for Tax Season
Ahead of Time This Year

Hire a tax specialist to help

Tax season always seems to come around much sooner than you think. Come out ahead by hiring an M-I Financial Services tax specialist to help you prepare and file your small business taxes. Our tax pros know IRS laws like the backs of their hands and can make it possible for you to relax during a typically stressful time of the year for business owners.

Visit our office to learn more about our tax preparation services.

How can we help you with your taxes?

Preparing for tax season takes a lot of time and energy that most small business owners simply don’t have. Fortunately, M-I Financial Services is here to take the work off your plate. Our tax specialists will:

  • Help you prepare your business taxes
  • Advise you on best practices for your future taxes
  • File your taxes online

With more than 50 years of experience helping business owners understand and file their taxes, we’re old pros at this. Call 716-332-9268 when you need help this tax season.